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Our law firm has merged sophisticated protective estate planning techniques with elder law planning to avoid loss of assets by all interested parties, and inforce litigation when needed by our clients.  We represent clients who have standing to object to the estate accounting involving a living trust, or will.  Our law firm will protect the rights of those who have been damaged by poor accounting and the improper administration of wills, trusts and estates in which they are interested. The attorneys at The Christine Thea Rubinstein Law Firm will also defend the rights of those who are challenged in an estate accounting proceeding.

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Our law firm has represented clients in Contested Accounting Proceedings, sometimes in support of a propounded will and on other occasions to object to a will or defend the un-named heirs. We have also participated in proceedings to construe and reform wills and trusts, in contested accounting proceedings and in IRS or state tax proceedings.  If you are challenged or you are challenging the validity or abuse of the accounting of a will, living trust or general estate of a loved one then you need the help of a New York estate lawyer and an estate accounting litigation attorney.  Make an appointment today with one of the estate accounting litigation and estate planning attorneys at The Christine Thea Rubinstein Law Firm today to discuss your legal options and your legal rights over the estate.  Work with a reputable estate planning attorney to make sure that your estate was structured correctly and that the proper beneficiaries will receive the real estate assets and liquid funds that your family member has left behind to be passed down.  The attorneys at The Christine Thea Rubinstein Law Firm are not only trained in handling simple contested accounting proceedings, contested estate administration, contested accounting disputes, will and probate administration matters, we take care of complex litigation of contested accounting proceedings, contested estate administration litigation, living trust estate litigation, and estate accounting and estate litigation in Nassau and Suffolk, Brooklyn, Kings and Queens Counties, and on all of Long Island.

When it comes to the question of contested accounting and estate assets in question, other issues may arise that may lead to removal of the fiduciary, including the failure, abuse and mistreatment, of liquid assets and real assets.  People who suspect that a person or trustee may be abusing his or her position should contact one of our attorneys at The Christine Thea Rubinstein Law Firm for a consultation to determine how and whether the person can be removed from control over the estate.  Some of these accounting issues can be resolved, eliminated or avoided by choosing the right attorney to provide the proper estate planning, and trust planning for you and your family.

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About the Website of The Christine Thea Rubinstein Law Firm and the legal information on the screen above: We hope you find this information useful and informative, but it is not the same as legal counsel. A free website is ultimately worth everything it costs you; you rely on it at your own risk. This website and any other website on this legal topic does not substitute real legal advice, face to face with an attorney. Good legal advice includes a review of all of the facts of your situation, including many that may at first glance seem to you not to matter. The plan it generates is sensitive to your goals and wishes while taking into account a whole panoply of laws, rules and practices, many not published online. Speak with an attorney today to help resolve any legal issues that you and your family may be facing.

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Get help with your Estate Planning now be properly prepared for your loved ones with the proper estate plan.  You should know you have certain legal rights and must be very selective of the estate law lawyer or elder law firm that you chose to represent you with your estate litigation.

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You should know you have certain legal rights and must be very selective of the lawyer or law firm that you chose to represent you. Have an attorney council you on the right decision for you and your family.

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